If you are looking for Buddhist Centre in Mallorca I can highly recommend the Centro Lama Tsongkapa in Palma

We are a group of Dharma practitioners who come together to study and practice the teachings of the Buddha following the Gelugpa Mahayana lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. This has all been possible due to the compassionate guidance and kindness of the very Venerable Lama Geshe Tsering Palden and Lama Geshe Ngawang Losel, from the Thubthen Dhargye Ling Center in Madrid, who not only provide guidance to the Centre, and it’s members, but regularly come to Mallorca to impart teachings.

While obviously Centro Lama Tsongkhapa is of great attraction to those who regard themselves as Buddhists, with a range of practices, classes and short retreats, I can highly recommend it to anyone that wants to explore their spiritual essence or with an interest in how Buddhist philosophy can help calm the mind, reduce stress and allow us to live more harmoniously.

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