I wanted to highlight this very special charity that supports, in particular, the cultural identify of the Tibetan people and which promotes activities which improve the lives of members of this community.

Their mission of KARUNA DANA is as follows:

“To promote the development of underprivileged peoples, in benefit of the most weak and vulnerable sectors, through programs that encourage social and economic progress as well as maintenance of their culture. Respect for human rights, gender equality, child protection, the right to education, freedom of religion and the right to adequate housing. KARUNA DANA is created with the purpose to provide the necessary resources to those who, with poor opportunities, fight for a future in which they can live with dignity and develop fully as human beings without losing their cultural heritage”.

Have a look through their web site and see all their activities and how you can help. They need whatever help you can offer, however small!

Note: If you wish to collaborate and donate I recommend you do via the Spanish rather than the English page as you can see more clearly which projects have what levels of support.