It is certain that death will come sometime between today and one hundred years from now but it is uncertain on which day within that period death will come!

Among the many beings seen in the morning some are not seen in the evening.

Among the many beings seen in the evening some are not seen in the morning

From a “Collection of Indicative Verses”.

If you think every day “I will die today” or at least ” I will probably die today” you will act for the benefit of whatever next life you will go to and you will not make preparations to remain in this life. Everyday you must develop an awareness of the imminence of your death with the “Meditation on Death in 9 Parts” (I will detail this in a future post).

And how will you use your time? – accumulating merits / collections (through virtuous actions and avoiding non virtue); relying on a teacher / guru (asking for teachings); and purifying obstructions.

Meditate now on “Impermanence / death”; the incredible “leisure and opportunity” you are living (and how difficult it will be to repeat); and the importance of reliance on a teacher!

See a “Human Life of Leisure and Opportunity

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