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The buddhist community Thubten Dhargye Ling is the generous response of the Venerable Lama Geshe Tsering Palden to his students’ request for teachings and guidance in the “path”. Its purpose is to promote the study, practice and diffusion of Buddha’s doctrine in the mahayana tradition of the guelugpa tibetan school.

The buddhist community Thubten Dhargye Ling is based in Madrid and is active all over the world. It was founded in Madrid, in June 2003, and it is registered in the Register of Religious Entities of the Ministery of Justice (number 767 SG, General Section Group A) in agreement with the General Direction of Religious Affairs, dated sixteenth November, two thousand and four.

The mission of the community Thubten Dhargye Ling is that all beings can live as a big family, in peace and harmony

In general, all conscious beings want happiness and do not want suffering. If we ask ourselves what to do to be happy we realize that material accomplishment is not enough. Nevertheless, there is a way of being happy, through the study and development of a good heart, love and compassion. This is the Buddha’s main message.

As it is said in Buddhism, there are two very valuable methods open to humanity: the development of vision and secondly peaceful practice. If we really practice these two techniques in our daily life the results will be very beneficial. As a result of having exercised vision one is transformed into a good and responsible person , and as a result of a non-violent practice one respects the life of others and finds peace and happiness.

This is the reason why this Buddhist community THUBTEN DHARGYE LING was created with the intention that all the beings around the universe can gradually develop these qualities and live in peace and harmony, free of conflicts, and that those who come to us may find peace and happiness.

For more information see THUBTEN DHARGYE LING Buddhist Centre Madrid

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