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Tierra de Budas

Tierra de Budas environment

Tierra de Budas is a new Buddhist Retreat and Meditation centre nestled in the foothills of Sierra de Gredos in the La Vera region of Extramadura (just two hours drive from Madrid). The Centre sits in a peaceful and tranquil environment, surrounded by oak, olive and fig trees, and adjacent to lakes, waterfalls and ravines. With wonderful views over the highest peaks of the famous Sierra de Gredos mountain range, the Almanzor is visible from all parts of the estate.

Sustained by the loving care of our Teachers, Tierra de Budas will be a living expression of the richness of the Gelugpa lineage.

Despite the growing interest Spain has experienced in Buddhism, the heart and centre of the country lacks a retreat centre that genuinely meets the needs of practicing Buddhists. A retreat is a precious opportunity to temporarily suspend our day to day activities and live in an environment of peace and tranquility. Naturally the mind enters a state of calm that allows us to progress spiritually. After a retreat the mind emerges renewed and with greater inspiration, and having been able to increase our innate qualities, such as peace and clearance of mind, we feel happier and acquire a new perspective on life.

For this very reason, our teacher, the Venerable Lama Geshe Tsering Palden, has encouraged the creation of a place that provides all the conditions necessary so that we are able to recognize and develop the true potential of our mind.

In addition to the main building with it’s 8 double bedrooms, in the future there will be a small hostal and a camping area where one will be able to pitch tents. The gompa will be able to hold up to 70 people and there will also be communal sitting rooms and a small library. Furthermore the large estate will allow visitors to walk and enjoy the natural environment – the oak and pine woodland, stunning views and access to the reservoir, all of which will help naturally calm the mind.

For more information see the Tierra de Budas main web site


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